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A Norwegian’s Perspective On New York City

NYC Skyline
  • This was taken on the first day of my stay last Spring. I was so excited to see what these months would bring and this breathtaking view of the NYC skyline just enhanced the joy I felt to finally be there.
  • And what a beautiful skyline it was!
    And what a beautiful skyline it was!
  • Our tour of the U.N. was amazing! Had a blast thanks to our Human Rights professor Natalie.
  • Never give up the opportunity to go and talk to people. Interaction with others is worth more than anything money can ever buy. Taken in Queens on St. Patricks Day.
  • I just loved exploring the beautiful Central Park. This picture was taken on a day when I was planning on taking a loop around the park. But, since I stopped every few minutes to take pictures, I only got halfway.
  • This was taken in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on our way to the Flee Market. It was absolutely an experience. It's open Saturdays and Sundays at two different locations in Brooklyn.
  • Take the New Jersey Pathway and explore hoboken. The view is spectacular!
  • We went to visit a homeless shelter in Trenton, New Jersey. It was a surprisingly beautiful town with some great architecture, like City Hall!
  • The awesome woman in the middle is my best friend from Hoboken, New Jersey. On my first trip to NYC, she offered to take me and friends to Dumbo in Brooklyn. I met her through Instagram and we share the same passion for photography. Today, our friendship is still standing strong!
  • NYC has so much to offer other than Times Square. This was taken in the Bronx and, the same day, I met another Instagram friend for a day at the Bronx museum.

Eli Eriksen
Eli is a nurse from Norway with a dream to live and work in New York. She loves the city for its energy, diversity and possibilities. She feels at home there even though she was born and raised in Norway. In order to stay in NY for several months on a legal basis, Eli studied at Gateway College during Spring semester 2014 where she took Human Rights, Philosophy and Business English classes. For Eli, it was a semester of great self reflection where she was able to keep a positive, open mind and develop great, new friendships. "I am so blessed to realize that even at the age of 49, I know that we are never fully 'finished' when it comes to knowledge and self awareness. Last Spring gave me the pleasure of meeting so many beautiful people, some of which are now my good friends." Eli invites us to get out there, step away from our comfort zones and indulge in exploring different cultures and meeting people you never thought you would meet. "By being open minded and taking a step into the unknown, I promise everyone that you will profit from it. Take a risk and go for it..."

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