Battle of the Burritos

Salsa Kitchen Monster Sandwhich

Craving some Mexican in Chiang Mai, Thailand? Both Salsa Kitchen and Diablo’s Burritos will pique your palate. It just depends on how you pick your piquant.

Craving some Mexican in Chiang Mai, Thailand?  Both Salsa Kitchen and Diablo’s Burritos will pique your palate. It just depends on how you pick your piquant.


For fresh, focused flavors, head to Salsa Kitchen on Huay Keaw Road. The kitchen churns out creative concoctions that are heavy on the beans and veg and remarkably light on the grease. Salsa Kitchen will go gluten-free with innovative use of hard corn tortillas, and they have ribs and Caribbean selections as well.

We crave: The amazing vegetarian refried black beans, barbequed pork, interesting nightly specials, and emphasis on using organic meats and produce from small, local farms.  We could sit revel all night in the colorful, cozy space, sipping from 1-liter Margarita pitchers for just 309 baht.

Our qualms: The huge plates dwarf the already pretty meager portions (by Mexican standards), and there is no free chips and salsa.  Also, the kitchen tends to skimp on cheese, and the sour cream is really yogurt.

We Recommend: The California Mission Style Chicken Burrito, or mix and match filling and style with the trifecta Combo Platter for a delicious and hearty meal.  We love the chimichangas, enchiladas, and anything with the scrumptious beans and pork.

Salsa Kitchen is located near the Central Kad Suan Kaew shopping Mall and is open daily from 11am to 11pm.


If you’re looking to feast your way into a delicious and ferocious food coma, Diablo’s Burritos will send you reeling.  This little nook on Chaiyaphoom Road serves up classically massive meals, and we think it’s as good or better quality and flavor-wise than the best Tex Mex stateside.

We crave: the FREE fresh, thick, and crunchy chips served amazing homemade salsa and marinated veggie salad, aggressively cheesy sharable portions, generous toppings, and focus on Burmese art and activism.

Our qualms: No air-con, expensive alcohol (bring your own if you’re brave enough to fit it in your belly), and inability to stop eating even into extreme pain.

We Recommend:  Go in a group of 3 and split the world-class vegetarian quesadilla stuffed with corn, beans, veggies, and of course, glorious cheese (even our carnivore friends can’t get enough), and the smoky chorizo burrito.

Diablo’s Burritos is located next to Mike’s Burgers on Chaiyaphoom Road across from Moon Muang Soi 4.  Open daily from noon to 11pm.


The duel is on in Chiang Mai, but for the best Burritos in Thailand try La Monita Taqueria in Bangkok near Phloen Chit BTS, in Mahutun Plaza.


Mallory Reed
Mallory Reed is a 2010-2011 Fulbright Teaching Fellow based in Phitsanulok, Thailand. A gangly creature with an insatiable appetite for food and fun, she enjoys “feeding the Rav” all over the world. You can follow her frolics, fits, and feasts on her blog, Thailand Rav, at

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