Why We Love Mango Sticky Rice

mangoes on the street

How far will you go for Mango Sticky Rice? Where is the best food stall in your area? We want you to share your favorite food stories here!

The famed Sticky Rice of Sukhumvit Soi 38

Any traveler that visits Thailand usually asks for one special treat.

“Can we get mango sticky rice”

At 8 PM or 3 AM, Mango sticky rice, or (Khao Niaow Mak Maung in Thai) is always a suitable treat. People will walk miles, get a cab to the middle of nowhere, or find the only market left open just to get their hands on a plate of this delectable and savory dish.

Sticky rice is eaten in Thailand, the Phillipines, Vietnam, Laos, and Burma.   Also called glutenous rice because of its gummy texture, it is a filling staple of the Southeast Asian diet.   In China, in the ancient city of Nanjing, sticky rice was used for constructing building and reinforced walls. A mixture of limestone and sticky rice has left the walls in tact  600 years later! (See the use of sticky rice as mortar in Chinese architecture).

Plethora of Mango

Much like winning an award, or a first kiss, most will remember their first encounter with mango sticky rice.  There is no additive in the rice (we think)  but most have been hooked ever since.  It is almost guaranteed that addiction to this sweet treat is inevitable.

In Bangkok, the best place to get your Mango Sticky Rice fix is on Soi 38, off of Thong Lo BTS. Directly across from the award-winning Pad Thai beanie- man (more on that later) this sticky rice stand is a beacon of light in the middle of a dynamic alleyway.  In Chiang Mai, the best Mango sticky rice can be found at Talaad Tonpayom, at the corner of Suthep and Canal Roads.

For those of you who are not near a mango sticky rice stand at 3 AM, but hungry for sweet amazingness, here is our favorite recipe from the Chiang Mai Cookery School.

Mango Sticky Rice Recipe

Prep time: 50 minutes (unless its your first time)
Yields 6 portions


2 mangoes
600 g sticky rice (soaked in water for at least 3 hours or overnight)
500 ml thick coconut milk
200 g sugar
1⁄2 t salt
5 g sesame seeds (roasted)
120 ml thin coconut milk
30 g sugar.
1 pn salt.


Steam the soaked sticky rice for 15-20 minutes until it is cooked. Mix the thick coconut milk, sugar and salt together. Once the rice is cooked put it in a bowl and while it is still hot add the coconut milk, sugar and salt mixture and combine thoroughly. Leave to rest for about 30-50 minutes so that the rice has time to absorb the coconut milk. Mix the sauce ingredients together and set aside.

When you are ready to serve dessert, divide the sticky rice into 6 portions and put into separate bowls. Peel the mangoes and slice thinly. Put the mango slices on top of the sticky rice. Then pour the thin coconut milk sauce over the mangoes and sprinkle the sesame seeds on top and serve.


You can always book a class with the Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School and learn to cook many up to twelve Thai dishes from the Central, North, and Northeast of Thailand.

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